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Video: 'Supervillain Lair' to be Built in Lebanon

An imaginative home design that resembles a supervillain's lair may soon go from concept to construction after images of the unique abode went viral.

Created by the group Open Platform for Architecture, which aims to conceive of innovative new building designs, the theoretical home garnered considerable attention when unveiled last year.

But unlike many similar structures which simply remain relegated to the world of wishful thinking, this particular home may soon be built!

After noticing the design online, an investor in Lebanon now plans to construct the ambitious house in his country.

Boasting the menacing moniker of 'Casa Brutale,' the cinematic creation would be nearly invisible to anyone on ground level, since it is to be built within the side of a cliff.

Hopefully the ambitious builder simply desires a one-of-a-kind home rather than a surreptitious location to plot nefarious deeds.

Because it's unlikely that the home will remain secret for long once it comes to fruition, considering the widespread attention the designs have received online.

And what's the point of having a supervillain lair if everyone knows where it is?

Source: Daily Mail

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