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Video: Surprise Stingray Stuns Gondolier in Venice

A gondolier navigating the legendary canals of Venice, Italy was gobsmacked when he spotted an incredibly out-of-place creature swimming in the famed waterways.

Observers and experts who have examined video of the aquatic wonder suggest that it was likely a stingray or manta ray which somehow got stuck after swimming into the canals.

Of course, that has not stopped more imaginative viewers from offering their own otherworldly analysis or simply settling for the always-evocative 'mystery creature.'

Despite the seemingly prosaic explanation for what the animal could have been, the gondolier insisted that he had never seen anything like it over the course of decades working the canals.

Local residents also marveled at the strange ray-like visitor to Venice and claimed that such creatures are not regular denizens of the waterways.

Given the success of Finding Dory, perhaps producers have found the plot for their follow up film as the tale of a lost ray stuck in the canals of Venice, Italy practically writes itself.

Source: Daily Mail

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