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Video: Thanksgiving Aboard the ISS

As Americans around the country celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family, the astronauts at the International Space Station will also feasting on a festive holiday meal.

In a video message filmed aboard the ISS, astronaut Shane Kimbrough detailed the surprisingly elaborate meal that the crew will enjoy for Thanksgiving.

Courtesy of a state-of-the-art food lab at Texas A&M, the ISS astronauts will be able to dine on Thanksgiving staples such as turkey, candied yams, and mashed potatoes as well as cherry cobbler for desert.

Of course, these foods are all contained in pouches that allow them to be prepared in a zero gravity environment because science has yet to master the technology needed to cook an actual turkey in space.

For Kimbrough and his fellow American astronaut Peggy Whitson, the meal will hopefully provide them with a small taste of home over the holiday, while the other four international ISS crew member will join them for the unique experience.

Although the astronauts will have both a somewhat traditional meal and even a live feed of football games aboard the ISS, they'll have to wait until the evening to enjoy it all because in space no one gets the day off for Thanksgiving.

Source: CNET

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