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Video: The Alcatraz Escape's Forgotten 4th Man

A staple of unsolved mysteries, the Alcatraz Escape, turned three inmates into household names for true crime enthusiasts, but one person missed his chance at history: Alcatraz's fourth man.

Despite being the man who discovered the ideal location from which to escape the prison and working arduously alongside his fellow prospective fugitives, Allen West never managed to join the trio of now-infamous escapees.

On the night of June 11, 1962, Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank Morris made their daring escape from Alcatraz.

Unfortunately for West, he was unable to maneuver his way through the tunnel from his cell and was abandoned by his fellow inmates as they made their escape.

After the incredible event, West was subject to intense interrogation by law enforcement officials, but never faced any charges for his role in the elaborate escape plot.

It was through West that authorities learned the full details of the escape plot, including how the inmates planned to both navigate the waters surrounding the prison.

He also revealed, likely as part of a plea to escape punishment for his role in the escape, how the inmates intended to blend back into society once they reached the mainland.

Whether or not West's missed date with destiny was a fortunate turn of events remains to be seen as the ultimate fate of the Alcatraz trio remains a mystery to this day.

Nonetheless, we're willing to wager that West was haunted by the timeless question of 'what if' until he passed away in December of 1978.

Learn more about the tale of Allen West and the Alactraz escape in the awesome Top5 documentary 'Escape from Alcatraz.'

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