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Video: The Day the Sky Burned

Video: The Day the Sky Burned

What happens when a planetoid strikes the Earth? The ensuing cataclysms are depicted in a video clip(1) from Japanese TV that is posted on John Dvorak's blog. While the voiceover is in Japanese, the visuals make clear that this could spell doomsday for us.
Mike Z. sends us a rough translation of the voiceover that he came across:
What happens when meteorite collide with each other?
We tried to find the answers: Simulation Experiment. We presumed that the collision happened with the earth in order for lucid distance and location. The diameter of the meteorite is slightly bigger than the breadth of Honshu Japan. The collision point is located at the 3,000km south from Japan in the ocean. The velocity of the meteorite is 70,000km/h. But the meteorite is bigger than we can imagine, so that it appears much slower.
In the impact at the same time as colliding. The earth's crust of 10km in thickness where ground in the earth is composed is wholly peeled off. This is called,"Earth's crust tidal wave". There is 1km width of the rock, and it flies to the sky it by the impact. The impact surges to the Japanese Islands and, as a result, the Japanese Islands are crushed. The splinter of the crushed rock easily exceeds the height of 1000Km. After exceeding the atmosphere it reaches space. Afterwards, the splinter of the rock falls again in surface of the earth.
The edge of Crater completed by the collision of the meteorite is 7000m in height. It looks like a huge mountain range. The diameter of Crater has 4000Km. Crater is big to swallow a part from Guam to a Chinese continent. But, it was only an introductory chapter of the tragedy that would start in the future.....
The leading part with the accident is seen in Crater when seeing from space immediately after the collision of the meteorite. Seeming as shine to scorching color, and huge mass. The mass of the rock of which this turned into the gas and the name are said, "Rock Vapor". The amount of the rock that becomes a gas is about 100,000,000,000,000kt.
"Rock Vapor" extends in all directions on the earth after it swells up like the dome. "Rock Vapor" generated by the meteorite's having been dropped to the sea located in the south of Japan will arrive at Himalayas in three hours. In "Rock Vapor", the velocity of the wind is 300 meters. It becomes the hot wind of a terrific high temperature of 4000? in temperature and burns Himalayas.
In the world covered with "Rock Vapor", even a thick snow that piles in the coldest place named Himalayas is instantaneously melted. There is no time to make the river and the snow is evaporated instantaneously. "Rock Vapor" will reach Amazon that lies to the other side of the collision of the meteorite in a day. Tropical forests of Amazon cause the autogenous ignition for the hot wind by "Rock Vapor" and the region is burnt up. Tropical forests of Amazon turn into sea of flames in less than no time. Surface of the earth from the collision on the first. It is covered with "Rock Vapor" and it turns into a scorching star.
"Rock Vapor" wraps the earth for one year or more, and burns everything up at the terrific high temperature. It is the same as making the sun innumerable near the earth. On the other hand, the accident happens also in the sea. The sea began to bubble violently. The sea boils by the heat of "Rock Vapor". Tremendous heat of the "Rock Vapor" reduces the sea level at the speed of 5cm a minute. The naked sea bed is relentlessly exposed to the intense heat and melted down like lava. The sea of 4000m in average depth has disappeared one month after the collision of the meteorite. At this point, the earth becomes a star where the living thing cannot live.
Thus, the earth turned into the star of the death.....

1. http://www.dvorak.org/blog/?p=5761

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