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Video: 'The Watcher' Writes Again

The saga of the sinister stalker known as 'The Watcher' appears to be far from over as the mysterious writer recently sent another letter to the New Jersey home plagued by the unsettling missives.

Now the center of a contentious court battle, the bizarre case began back in 2014 when a family purchased a new home in town of Westfield and soon received three threatening letters.

In the chilling notes, a person calling themselves 'The Watcher' claimed that they were the rightful caretaker of the property and intimated that the family was in danger because they bought the house.

A subsequent lawsuit against the previous owners brought the tale to light and spawned worldwide headlines as well as a TV movie, although 'The Watcher' remained at large.

Since that time, the stalker seemingly went silent after the letter's successfully scared the family into not moving into the now-abandoned home.

However, their recent decision to rent the property apparently raised the ire of 'The Watcher,' since it has been revealed that the home received a new letter from the haunting writer.

In a court filing last week, an attorney for the family said that a fresh missive arrived around the end of February and that it was the most unnerving one yet.

"This letter contained specific threats and was more derogatory and sinister than any of the previous letters," the attorney said.

Since the case is still being investigated, the filing did not include a copy of the letter, leaving one's own imagination to fill in the frightening blanks as far as what 'The Watcher' may have said.

As to the reaction from the person currently renting the house, who ostensibly spawned the new 'Watcher' letter, he told a local reporter back in February that he was not concerned with the case.

That said, when they returned to the home last week for a comment on the latest twist in the case, there was no one there.

Source: NJ.com

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