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Video: Two New Chambers Found in Great Pyramid?

A team of researchers believe they have discovered two previously-unknown chambers inside the legendary Great Pyramid of Giza.

The group, known as the ScanPyramids Project, subjected a number of ancient sites in Egypt to a barrage of tests using advanced imaging techniques.

And, at the Great Pyramid, the group seemingly spotted two anomalous 'voids' contained within the famed structure.

As of yet, they do not believe there is any connection between the two 'lost' chambers, although they concede that further scans of the site are needed to discern more details about the potentially newfound rooms.

Although the findings are being trumpeted as a potentially groundbreaking development, former Egyptian minister of antiquities, Zawi Hawass, has expressed skepticism about the discovery.

"These people are scientists and do not have an archaeological background," he told the website Seeker.

Hawass went on to declare that "I think there are no secret rooms and these anomalies have to do with the way the pyramid was built."

Despite his disbelief surrounding the group's alleged discovery, Hawass and the committee overseeing the study have granted permission and funding for further tests on the area using different imaging techniques.

Whether these future scans will yield conclusive proof of the 'hidden' chambers remains to be seen, but hopefully the further advancement of imaging technology will finally allow us to, ironically, peer inside the ancient site with the clarity needed to solve its mysteries once and for all.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about theories surrounding esoteric elements associated with the ancient site can check out David Sereda's 6/11/2016 appearance on the program to talk about how the pyramids may be connected to Biblical prophecy.

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Source: Seeker

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