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Video: UFO Filmed Near Vegas?

A woman living in North Las Vegas found herself featured on the local news after claiming to have witnessed a UFO twice over the course of the last week.

Gwendolyn Mathews told KTNV that the first incident occurred on Sunday evening when she noticed an inordinately bright light hovering in the sky near her home.

Incredibly, the anomaly remained in place for over an hour as she broadcast the sighting on her Facebook page.

According to Matthews, who took a closer look at the light using binoculars, the object appeared to possess 'legs' akin to an octopus extending out of the 'craft.'

The light then appeared once again on Tuesday night, much to Matthews' delight.

"Whatever it is, it's beautiful," she marveled to the TV station.

Perhaps anticipating the response of skeptics, Matthews also declared, "I know I'm not crazy. And I know what I saw was real."

Looking into the matter further, KTNV was told by the FAA that there were no unusual aircraft in the area, however someone from a nearby airport saw their report and subsequently suggested that the object was simply the planet Venus.

Nonetheless, Matthews remains open to possibility that the UFO was a genuine ET craft, telling the TV station, "I know what I saw through those binoculars, I know what I felt."

While such a sentiment may not satisfy scientists, Matthews seems undeterred and says that she will continue watching the skies in the hopes of having another sighting of the vexing light that captivated her earlier in the week.

Source: KTNV

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