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Video: Unsettling Stalker Torments Florida Psychic

While suffering the slings and arrows of skeptics may come with the territory for most psychics, one Florida soothsayer has found himself targeted by a particularly pernicious critic.

Lorenzo Marion says that someone has been harassing his psychic reading business as well as him personally over the last few months and the ongoing campaign has been getting increasingly worrisome.

According to the beleaguered psychic, the troubles began back in March with a series of disturbing phone calls placed to the business and then, the following month, the company's computers were hacked.

The cyber attack provided Marion's mysterious stalker with the email addresses for all of his customers, many of whom soon began receiving vulgar messages that appeared to have been sent by the psychic shop.

Beyond that, Marion's account with the local electric company has been tampered with, his credit card information was compromised, and his identity was used to create a faux online dating profile for the unfortunate psychic.

Chillingly, the online harassment has now moved into the real world as a window at his business was smashed last week and the sign for the shop was vandalized last week.

"This is very dangerous," he lamented to TV station WBBH in Fort Myers, "it keeps escalating and I don't know what's going to happen next."

While one can't help but note the irony in that expression of concern coming from a self-proclaimed psychic, Marion's plight is no laughing matter and he hopes that authorities can find the ne'er-do-well behind the harassment and help put it to a stop.

Until then, Marion insists that he will continue operating the psychic reading business and vowed not to bow to the intimidation tactics of his faceless tormentor.

Source: WBBH Fort Myers

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