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Video: Vandals Destroy Beloved Rock Formation

An enormously popular rock formation at an Oregon state park fell victim to a group of vandals who destroyed the iconic tourist attraction.

Once the scene of countless vacation photos, the formation known as 'Duckbill' has now been reduced to a pile of rubble.

Authorities originally suspected that the seven-foot sandstone site had merely fallen on its own due to natural causes until a shocking video of the destruction emerged.

Incredibly, the incident was captured on film by a drone photographer in the area, who managed to witness the entire unfortunate event unfold.

David Kalas later confronted the ne'er-do-wells about what they had done, but the group dismissed his concerns and claimed that they were doing a public service because the Duckbill was dangerous.

Authorities, of course, beg to differ and say that the toppling of the formation constitutes vandalism inside a state park and State Police may pursue additional charges if the individuals behind the crime are caught.

Thanks to their foolish antics being caught on video, the vandals will hopefully be identified soon and be held responsible for the Duckbill's final moments of fame.

Source: OregonLive

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