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Video: Virgin Mary Statue 'Cries' in Bolivia

Another Marian 'miracle' appears to have unfolded over the last week as a Virgin Mary statue suddenly began 'crying tears of blood' in Bolivia.

The incident occurred at a small church in a remote part of the country and left parishioners awestruck when they spotted the strange red liquid coming from the statue's eyes and hands.

Samples of the substance have been sent to a nearby hospital in the hopes of identifying the nature of the liquid.

Many church goers believe it to be a sign from above and an area priest has already declared that the incident to be divine.

As seen in the video above, the 'bleeding' statue has garnered significant media attention in Bolivia and will likely be a boon for the small church should the story inspire pilgrims to visit the site.

This latest case of spiritual high strangeness quickly follows the odd story of the Jesus statue that 'opened its eyes' in Mexico a few days ago as well as a spate of 'crying' religious objects in Colombia, California, and Chicago over the last few months.

We're not saying it's a harbinger of the End Times, but as these cases continue to accumulate, we wouldn't blame you for getting a bit nervous.

Coast Insiders who want to learn more about divine phenomena can check out police officer-turned pastor Carl Gallups' 8/15/2015 appearance on the program.

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Source: Mirror

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