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Video: Weird Sea Creature Washes Ashore in the Philippines

The mysterious and monstrous-looking remains of a massive sea creature were recently discovered on a beach in the Philippines.

According to a government official tasked with handling the odd incident, the animal had apparently been dead for quite a while, causing a horrifying smell to linger in the area.

Since the 32-foot-long carcass was too big to be buried and its stench was becoming potentially dangerous for nearby residents, the decision was made to tow the remains back out to sea.

Unfortunately, the advanced stage of decomposition left officials uncertain as to the nature of the beast, but they speculated that it could have been a whale.

Considering the unsettling odor emanating for the creature, one can understand why getting rid of the rotting 'sea monster' as soon as possible overshadowed any attempts to identify it.

Source: Daily Mail

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