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Violent Rabbit Prompts Call to Pet Psychologist

Violent Rabbit Prompts Call to Pet Psychologist

An unruly rabbit at an English animal shelter has earned the nickname 'Damien' due to its inexplicably violent attacks on patrons and staff.

The reign of terror began back in October when the rabbit, who's 'real name' is Jack, arrived at the shelter and staffers noticed his aggressive behavior.

Since then, Jack's attacks have been steadily on the rise and increasing in their ferocity.

One unfortunate victim was forced to go to the hospital after the rabbit bit down on her hand and refused to let go.

Another encounter saw Jack furiously chase a woman while attempting to bite her.

"I have never seen anything like that before, he would not leave her alone. He was unbelievable," shelter founder Maria Mulkeen told the Plymouth Herald.

The outbursts have become such a problem that the shelter has enlisted the help of an animal psychologist to get to the bottom of the lagomorph's anger issues.

"He is still very feisty," Mulkeen said to the Herald, "However, I still have all my fingers."

Here's hoping that with continued counseling, Jack's aggression will ease and he can become a good example for rambunctious rabbits everywhere.

Souce: The Plymouth Herald

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