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Viral NYC 'UFO' Video Has Ironic Explanation

An eyebrow-raising video of an alleged UFO hovering over New York City that went viral this week has been deciphered and the origins of the 'craft' are rather ironic.

The 'UFO' in question appeared as a large dark object hovering near the George Washington Bridge which connects NYC and New Jersey.

Perhaps since the scene is eerily similar to the film Independence Day and it took place over one of the media capitals of the world, the video gained considerable attention online and elsewhere.

However a subsequent investigation appears to have determined what the object actually was and, despite being of terrestrial origin, it does have a tangential and somewhat humorous connection to UFOs.

An ardent analyst of UFO videos, Scott Brando, explains that the 'craft' was, in fact, a 'Hillary for Prison' banner that was commissioned by filmmaker and frequent C2C guest Alex Jones.

The signage made a subsequent appearance in the skies over the GOP convention this week, which allowed for a video comparison and eventual solution to the mystery.

Of course, the connection to Clinton is somewhat poetic as the presidential candidate has expressed a surprising amount of interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Conspiratorial-minded observers may see the link as more than mere coincidence and could argue that there is some kind of message contained in the story that made incorrect headlines around the world.

To these imaginative UFO enthusiasts, it could be a warning to Clinton to stop advocating for the phenomenon or an indication that she is on the right track.

We'll leave it up to you to decide if there is more than meets the eye or if it is simply a case of misidentification and happenstance.

You can check out the original video below:

Source: Inquisitr

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