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Vivid 'Fog Bow' Appears in Scotland

A photographer surveying the aftermath of a massive storm in Scotland captured an incredible image of a rare weather phenomenon known as a 'fog bow.'

Melvin Nicholson spotted the colorless rainbow at Scotland's Rannoch Moor following a storm which battered the area with strong winds and torrential rain.

He described seeing the 'fog bow' as an almost mystical experience that was "beyond magical."

Fortunately, Nicholson was able to photograph the fleeting phenomenon and produced a stunning image that may wind up winning him a few awards for the sheer artistry of the shot.

Despite their enchanted appearance, white rainbows have a prosaic explanation in that they are created by minuscule water droplets in the air which normally produce fog.

When seen from a certain angle, these particles form a 'fog bow' like the one seen by Nicholson in a moment that he won't soon forget.

Source: BBC News

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