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Wandering Caveman Confuses City

Wandering Caveman Confuses City

Residents of Warsaw, Indiana were mystified when they spotted a caveman wandering through the streets of their city this week.

According to witnesses, the bizarre long-haired visitor was clad in a classic caveman and brandishing a club.

The faux Neanderthal actually entered one store and simply stared down the bewildered owner who was left speechless by the encounter.

Fortunately, TV station WXIN in Indianapolis was able to track down the 'time traveler' and got to the bottom of the mystery.

Choosing to remain anonymous, the caveman told the reporter that he was attempting to drum up interest in his new business which sells odd items and antiques for 'man caves.'

Clearly a clever marketer, the caveman said that he acquired the costume intending to appear at various events in his Neanderthal guise, but then struck upon a 'genius' idea.

"I remembered the clowns that went viral last year," he said, "and it was such a beautiful night, so I decided to test it out at the park in Winona Lake."

It would appear that his instinct was correct as, for a few short days, the city of Warsaw was gripped by a 'creepy caveman panic' akin to last year's clown hysteria that spread around the world.

Whether the trend will take off over the next few months remains to be seen, but if you spot a caveman lurking in your town in the weeks and months ahead, now you'll know why.

Source: FOX59 WXIN

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