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Was Ex-CIA Boss Involved With JFK Assassination?

Was Ex-CIA Boss Involved With JFK Assassination?

An investigative journalist told Coast to Coast AM that the founder of the CIA, Allen Dulles, was tied to the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy.

The author of "The Devil's Chessboard", investigative journalist, David Talbot, told C2C that the assassination "is still haunting America" over half a century later.

"We know that the CIA is still withholding over eleven hundred key documents," relating to the JFK assassination, Talbot told George.

Despite being sued under the Freedom of Information Act by researchers to obtain the documents, the Agency has repeatedly defied the law – the JFK Records Act which was passed back in 1990s - to keep these files from ever becoming public knowledge, he said.

According to Talbot, purported assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was merely a patsy for the Central Intelligence Agency and others to mount an elaborate coup d'état.

And at the heart of the plot, Talbot said, was CIA founder and ex-Chief, Allen Dulles, whom he called "America's most legendary spymaster."

"He was born into power, from a very prominent family that was well connected with two Secretaries of State in the family, statesman, international lawyers and that kind of thing… the world was their chessboard and the people in it their pawns to be manipulated," he told George.

Dulles had "subverted or disobeyed" the power and authority of every President he ever served - beginning with Franklin Roosevelt during World War Two and right though Kennedy, Talbot stated.

Dulles and JFK had a major falling out very early on in his administration over the CIA invasion of Cuba - the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy very reluctantly approved that operation which he had inherited from Eisenhower.

"And I think the plan all along was for the CIA to sandbag Kennedy into an all-out U.S. military invasion...But Kennedy stands his ground. He doesn't let himself get pressured...pulls the plug on it much to the shock of Allen Dulles and top generals in the Pentagon. And from that moment on, I think, there's a major break in the Kennedy administration between the Kennedy White House and the hard liners in his national security wing."

After the Bay of Pigs disaster, Kennedy forced Dulles and his entire CIA entourage to resign on Nov. 29, 1961.

"Instead of easing gently into retirement (Dulles) continues to operate as if he's head of the Agency," Talbot said. "He keeps meeting with top deputies who come to his home from the Agency including field agents and some notorious people who later come under suspicion from the House Assassinations Committee which reopened the case in the 1970s."

Nearly two years to the day after Dulles was fired, JFK was slain Nov. 22, 1963.

And where was Dulles?

"He's not at home," Talbot divulged. "He was at a CIA facility in Virginia known as 'The Farm' that he used as an alternate command post while he was director of the Agency. And now, two years after being forced out of power, he's suddenly back there."

Dulles later "pressured" President Lyndon Johnson to sit on the Warren Commission and "establishes himself as the key player" conducting the inquiry, Talbot disclosed.

"It was all too convenient."
For the full compelling interview with David Talbot click here.
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