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Was Steven Avery Framed By a Serial Killer?

Was Steven Avery Framed By a Serial Killer?

Retired police detective John Cameron proposed to C2C a stunning new theory for the controversial Steven Avery case which has captivated much of the country.

While the Netflix series Making a Murderer raised suspicions that Avery had been framed for the killing of Teresa Halbach by Wisconsin authorities, Cameron suggested that the story may be far more complex than that.

He argued that Avery was the victim of Edward Wayne Edwards, a bizarre serial killer who not only delighted in murdering people, but also in framing others for his crimes.

"He would create horrific murders that were in the press constantly," Cameron said, "and he would set people up."

The serial killer's technique was so distinct that, upon watching the Netflix series, Cameron was astounded by how closely Avery's case matched the 'work' of Edwards.

He expressed skepticism that Avery would have left such a clear trail of evidence pointing to his involvement in the crime, since it seems both highly unlikely as well as exactly how Edwards framed his victims.

"That really is what happened behind the scenes of all of Edwards' set ups," he marveled, noting a number of clues that point to the serial killer's involvement in the case.

One key aspect of Edwards' crimes was that he targeted people who were well known in the press, which Avery had become due to his overturned conviction and subsequent lawsuit.

Additionally, Cameron noted that the date of Teresa Halbach's murder was particularly significant to Edwards because "he had killed repeatedly on Halloween throughout his life."

Edwards was also in Wisconsin at the time of the murder and had already killed others in the state.

Although the theory may sound fantastic, Cameron noted that Edwards was well-versed in such nefarious set ups.

"By the time he decided to frame Avery in 2003, he had framed three dozen other people in a very similar fashion," he said.

Cameron believes that, because Edwards enjoyed writing letters to authorities, the press, or family members of his victims, there may exist a clue which solidifies his theory that the serial killer was behind the Halbach murder.

"Somewhere in the Avery case, there will be a letter," he predicted, "that described that Teresa was killed 'by knife, by rope, by gun, by fire.'"

Despite being rebuffed by Wisconsin authorities when he attempted to present them with his theory, Cameron was hopeful that the Edwards connection may soon come to light due to Avery's new attorney, who actually once helped free a man who had been framed by the serial killer.

Coast Insiders can hear Cameron's complete interview as well as appearances from other experts on the case here.

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