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Watch: 5 Unnerving Ouija Boards Experiences

Although tales of tragedy caused by a Ouija Board are often dismissed as urban legend, there are some instances where such unfortunate events appear to have actually happened.

YouTube user Top5s has compiled a collection of five truly unsettling stories of people who dared to play with a Ouija Board and suffered dire consequences.

Most of the stories featured in the video made headlines when they happened, but there is one creepy tale that was personally imparted to the creator of the collection by a viewer.

According to the woman, who was given the pseudonym 'Annabelle,' she and her friends had a Ouija Board session during their teenage years and conjured an entity that called itself 'The Jester.'

The spellbound teens continued their 'correspondence' with the spirit via the Ouija Board on subsequent occasions and, over time, The Jester seemingly became enamored with Annabelle.

He began telling the young girl that they were "meant to be together" and grew possessive towards her.

Annabelle and her friends became terrified when weird events began happening in their homes, such as objects being moved and strange sounds being heard.

Desperate to put an end to their supernatural 'friendship' with The Jester, the girls decided to have one final session where they demanded, in the name of Jesus, that the spirit leave them alone.

While the tactic appeared to work and the strange events afflicting them subsided, when Annabelle reached her twenties, she wondered what exactly happened years earlier during her encounters with The Jester and decided to see if she could 'find' him again.

Opting to meditate rather than use the cursed Ouija Board, she called out for the spirit and quickly received a reply.

As Annabelle and her boyfriend slept one night shortly thereafter, a shadow being emerged from the end of the bed, hovered over them, and terrified their cat.

The stunned young woman said that she managed to banish The Jester once more by praying, which caused the entity to retreat and vanish.

Among the other tales included in the chilling video are the case of a man who drowned his family dog due to 'supernatural forces' set free from a Ouija Board session and the infamous entity known as 'Zozo' said to haunt those who dare to use the play with the infamous 'talking board.'

Coast Insiders can learn about the history of the Ouija Board by checking out historian Robert Murch's 10/30/2013 appearance on the program and they can also find out about the truly terrifying Zozo phenomenon via Rosemary Ellen Guiley's 6/20/2016 appearance on the show.

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