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Watch: A Chilling Glimpse of Security at Area 51

A pair of recently posted videos provide a remarkable look at the intense level of security surrounding the infamous Area 51.

In one piece of footage, a tour group ventures to the front gate of the notorious facility and, suddenly, a Black Hawk helicopter emerges over the horizon.

The arrival of the aircraft appears to be more than mere coincidence as the chopping hovers over the group seemingly in order to get a better look at who has approached the secretive military installation.

Although the video is somewhat unsettling, a second video from a different set of 'truth seekers' may be even more unnerving.

In this footage, a pair of UFO enthusiasts visit what they claim to be a "hidden back gate" at Area 51 which includes a warning sign cautioning that "use of deadly force is authorized" against trespassers.

The ominous message appears to be more than simply hyperbole as one of the men expresses shock when he spots what he believes to be a sniper watching them while lurking on a nearby hill.

Tempting fate, the young man then brazenly steps over the boundary of the base and raises his hands as if to call the sniper's bluff.

Fortunately, the 'sniper' was either a case of misidentification of something natural and mundane or, if there was an armed guard there, they realized the trespassing was simply a ruse and opted not to create an incident at the outskirts of the base.

The videos are not quite as dramatic as the armed guards who stopped tourists at the border of the base earlier this year, but are still quite an alarming look at what might happen should someone attempt to infiltrate Area 51.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the legendary military base that some suspect to be the home of secret alien technology can check out George Knapp's special episode commemorating the 25th anniversary of his investigative reports which introduced Area 51 to the world.

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Source: Express

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