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Watch: Alien Emerges from UFO in Bolivia?

Out of Bolivia comes a bizarre story of an alleged UFO landing that featured a seemingly disoriented ET emerge from the craft, climb a tree, and then disappear!

The strange incident happened this past Friday evening when witnesses claim a UFO descended upon the city of Santa Cruz.

Observers say that the object emitted a thunderous sound, knocked out the phone lines in the city, and appeared to turn off its lights as it fell to the ground.

During the commotion, a group of schoolchildren spotted a strange entity seemingly depart the craft!

They described it as resembling a human child with long arms and that it became alarmed when realizing that it had been seen.

In an apparent attempt to escape the onlookers, the 'visitor' climbed a nearby tree before somehow disappearing.

Whether the ET managed to return to its craft or ran off into the neighborhood is unexplained in the news segment covering the weird incident.

While some may attribute the tale to an imaginative yarn spun by the schoolchildren, others who witnessed the event seem genuinely mystified by what they saw.

Should it turn out that the alien has become stranded here on Earth, we can only hope his fate is better than our old friend Mogay.

Source: Inexplicata

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