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Watch: Amazing 'Ghost Fish' Wows NOAA

During an expedition studying the Marianna Trench, NOAA captured unprecedented footage of a fish which boasts an eerie ghost-like appearance.

The creature, which measures around 4 inches long and sports transparent gelatinous skin, was spotted an astounding 8,200 feet deep by NOAA's Okeanos Explorer ship.

Amazingly, the footage is believed to be the first time such a fish has ever been seen alive.

As NOAA scientists watched the unique creature, they expressed sheer amazement over the unexpected sight.

"This is just remarkable," marine biologist Bruce Mundy marveled as they observed the creature, "this is really an unusual sighting."

Ironically, the 'ghost fish' bears an uncanny resemblance to a similarly ethereal octopus that the scientific research group spotted off the coast of Hawaii back in March.

Having now documented a ghostly fish and octopus, we can only imagine what spooky sea creature NOAA will discover next.

Source: Weather Channel

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