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Watch: Amputee Penguin Gets Futuristic Foot

An unlucky penguin that lost its leg in a fishing net has had a futuristic reversal of fortune thanks to a 3D-printed prosthetic that has the bird back on its feet.

The diminutive creature, dubbed 'Bagpipes,' lost its limb back in 2007 and has struggled to adapt in its new habitat at the International Antarctic Centre of New Zealand.

But Bagpipes' troubles look to soon be a thing of the past after veterinarians outfitted the animal with and incredibly 3D rendering of a penguin's foot.

The faux foot may look familiar to Bagpipes since it is actually a copy of his healthy limb that was scanned for the 3D printing.

Although he has only recently been equipped with the 3D foot, Bagpipes is already making progress regaining his ability to walk.

And, after a few refinements to the design, experts say that Bagpipes should be able to maneuver in a manner on par with his fellow penguins.

All in all, it's a heartwarming tale that would make Mr. Poppers proud if he were to see Bagpipes' new 'happy feet.'

Source: BBC News

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