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Watch: Amtrak Train Unleashes Giant Wave of Snow on Commuters

Travelers awaiting the arrival of an Amtrak train in New York were smothered by an enormous wall of snow as it pulled into the station.

The incredible scene, captured on video by an astute commuter, took place in the hamlet of Rhinecliff the day after a storm had blanketed the area with a considerable amount of snow.

The wintry wave was so powerful that it actually knocked some people down to the ground and one person suffered a head injury during the fracas.

Based on the video, it's clear that most of the onlookers did not expect such force from the snow, since they were engrossed with their cell phones, either to film the event or completely unaware of what's to come.

For their part, Amtrak says that the operator of the train did nothing wrong, but critics contend that the passengers should have been either warned about the impending snow wave or moved away from the tracks.

We're guessing that still wouldn't have been enough for some thrillseeking passengers who wouldn't pass up the chance to see what such an experience felt like.

Source: NBC New York

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