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Watch: Ancient Ball of Butter Unearthed in Ireland

A man working in an Irish bog stumbled upon a truly bizarre and potentially delicious find: an enormous ball of butter believed to be over 2,000 years old!

The discovery, historians say, is not altogether unique as preserving the dairy product by burying it in a bog had been a regular practice in that region for centuries.

This particular piece of 'bog butter,' as it is known, was buried 12 feet deep and weighed a whopping 22 pounds.

A historian at the Irish National Museum speculated that, since the bog butter did not seem to have a container of any kind, it may have been buried as a gift to the gods rather than in a rudimentary attempt at refrigeration.

Nonetheless, he marveled that the butter is probably still edible, although advised against it.

For those wondering, some brave food aficionados have sampled bog butter in the past and experts described the odd relic as crumbly with a powerful cheese-like odor.

No word on whether the worker who discovered it exclaimed, "I can't believe that's butter," upon learning what he'd found.

Source: Irish Times

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