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Watch: 'Angel' Photographed Atop 9/11 Tribute

A remarkable image captured during the 9/11 tribute ceremony this past weekend has astonished many observers due to what appears to be a heavenly figure atop the lights.

Freelance photographer Rich McCormack took the breathtaking image and was stunned to see the 'entity' hovering over the memorial.

Some believe it to be some kind of angel or even Jesus, himself, making his presence felt during such a profoundly solemn time.

More imaginative observers have proposed that it is an alien, which seems highly unlikely, or even maybe a ghost, while conspiratorial minds have suggested that the 'figure' is a hologram created by nefarious government forces.

And, of course, skeptics will say that the 'entity' is literally a trick of light and shadow that is created by the beams illuminating a portion of the clouds in the sky that night.

For his part, McCormack insists that he did not doctor the photo and that none of his other images show featured the strange anomaly.

Ultimately, the true nature of the 'figure' may matter far less than what it personally means to each individual who sees it and the prism by which they interpret it.

Get a full view of the image in the video above and let us know your thoughts on the 'figure' at the C2C Facebook Page.

Source: Australian News Network

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