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Watch: Angry Kangaroo Attacks Car

An awesome video from Australia captures the moment when a kangaroo gets fed up with being followed by a car and decides to stand its ground.

The remarkable scene was captured by the driver, who first spotted the rather large creature hopping ahead of them in the road.

As the car gets closer to the kangaroo, the animal swiftly spins around and is suddenly and eerily staring the driver in the face.

The agitated icon of Australia then steps back from the vehicle as it to prepare for battle and then charges angrily at the car, raining blows down upon its hood.

Fortunately, the attack was short-lived, but the driver still had to contend with an ornery kangaroo occupying the road and seemingly refusing to let them pass.

What follows is a rather unsettling standoff which sees the driver slowly edge towards the animal as it keeps stepping backwards, refusing to yield the road.

While the conclusion of the confrontation is not captured in the footage, one assumes that the driver escaped unscathed, since their video has since appeared online and subsequently gone viral.

Source: Daily Mail

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