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Watch: Armed Guards Stop Explorers at Area 51

A pair of self-described 'adventure travelers,' found themselves stopped by two armed guards when they attempted to explore the edge of Area 51.

In the remarkable footage of their encounter, the duo can be seen riding their dirt bikes up to an alleged entrance to the facility which they visited earlier in the summer.

As they were recounting that experience, which made news at the time because they thought they were being watched by a sniper nearby, a white pickup truck suddenly comes speeding down the road towards them.

The stunned explorers have little time to react as a pair of camouflage-clad men jump out of the vehicle while pointing guns at them!

The scene quickly turns troubling as the armed guards demand that the men put their hands up and bark expletives at them when the trespassers are too slow to react.

Demanding to know if they are carrying any weapons, one of the guards frisks the men and questions why they came out to the Area 51 gate.

The explorers contend that they were told about the entrance at the legendary Little A'Le'Inn nearby and he responds by saying, "that's what everybody else does," as if this is a recurring annoyance for the men.

After a tense few moments, the other guard tells the men to get on their bikes and exit the area or else the local authorities will give them a $750 dollar fine.

The thankful explorers quickly depart the scene and marvel to each other about the truly incredible nature of what just happened.

While the men were no doubt happy to escape the incident, we can't help but be amused by the fact that the penalty would apparently have been less than $1,000 for their misadventure.

In light of that, the response from the guards seems rather over the top, but it is Area 51 after all.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the notorious secret military facility can check out the 6/28/2015 edition of the program featuring filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and ufological icon John Lear.

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Source: Daily Mail

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