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Watch: Astronaut Performs Dizziness Experiment

ESA astronaut Tim Peake performed his own personal scientific experiment while stationed at the ISS when he tried to see if he could make himself dizzy in space.

As Peake explained, his body seemed to adjust to the zero gravity environment of space within about 24 hours after arriving at the space station, with nausea and other motion sickness subsiding completely.

Wondering if it was still possible to become dizzy after being in space for the last six months, Peake decided to see if he could create the condition in his body once again.

With help from fellow ISS astronaut Tim Kopra, the inquisitive astronaut curled himself into a ball and was spun in a circle for nearly 90 seconds.

While watching the spinning may be somewhat stomach churning for viewers, Peake seemed to have no discomfort at all.

In the midst of the experiment, while quickly spinning through the air, he reported, "I'm feeling absolutely fine. That's quite remarkable."

When the spinning stops, Peake quickly regains his balance, observes that he felt dizzy for about one second and then "it's gone."

Even Kopra was amazed by how the spinning seemed to have no effect on Peake after it had stopped.

So now we've got the answer to two questions about the ISS: can you make yourself dizzy and what do astronauts do when they are bored?

Source: Gizmodo

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