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Watch: Baby Rhino 'Battles' Car

A boisterous baby rhino bit off a bit more than it could chew when it attempted to battle a car at a wildlife reserve in South Africa.

The amusing scene was captured by tourists, who could not contain their laughter as the rambunctious rhino scrambled towards their vehicle seemingly in an attempt to terrify them.

Upon the arrival of another vehicle, the diminutive beast appears conflicted as to which car it wants to charge as it dashes back and forth down the road in a rather adorable fashion.

Although the tourists were delighted by the tiny rhino's antics, they conceded that the encounter was a tad off-putting, since they weren't quite that the creature's mother wouldn't come thundering towards the car at any moment to demonstrate how a proper charge is done.

Fortunately that did not occur and the pint-sized rhino eventually ran off to seek some other adventure, leaving the visitors to the reserve with a vacation memory they won't soon forget.

Source: Daily Mail

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