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Watch: Body of Child Saint Opens Her Eyes?

An unnerving piece of footage from Mexico allegedly shows the preserved body of a child saint seemingly open her eyes!

The venerated figure, who died 300 years ago, is known as Saint Innocent and her remains are on display at the Cathedral of Guadalajara in the Mexican city of Jalisco.

A frequent destination for religious tourists, the girl's body has been filmed countless times, although this particular footage stands out among the vacation videos of other visitors.

In the incredibly creepy video, a tourist pans across the body of the little girl and she appears to be in a contented rest.

However, when the camera pans back onto the face of Saint Innocent, her eyes appear to have opened!

Spiritually-inclined observers believe that the footage is some kind of religious sign, while skeptics insist that the video is a hoax.

Check out the compelling clip and let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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