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Watch: Car in China Spontaneously Combusts!

A seemingly mundane stop at a red light turned into a sudden nightmare for one driver in China when his car spontaneously combusted!

Captured in security camera footage, the incredible speed with which the car becomes an enormous inferno is truly a remarkable sight.

Thankfully the driver and two other passengers managed to escape the vehicle before the flames could trap them.

Although emergency workers eventually extinguished the fire, all that remained of the car was a charred wreck.

Authorities believe that the case of spontaneous combustion was caused by hot weather combined with the car's engine being overworked.

We can only speculate that perhaps if the owner had one of those '88888' license plates we told you about earlier in the week, the whole ordeal would never have happened.

Of course, the mere mention of 'spontaneous combustion' brings to mind the chilling paranormal phenomenon involving humans suddenly bursting into flames.

Unlike instances of cars experiencing the phenomenon, which are more frequent and easily explained, spontaneous human combustion remains a rare and vexing paranormal mystery.

Coast Insiders can brush up on their 'SponCom' knowledge by checking out spontaneous human combustion researcher Larry Arnold's appearance on the 7/23/2015 edition of the program.

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Source: Mirror

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