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Watch: Climber Infiltrates Roman Colosseum

A climber from Germany added an epic achievement to his list of accomplishments by breaking into the Roman Colosseum and exploring it in the dead of night.

The appropriately named Flavius Vasily pulled off the daring caper despite the presence of security guards and locked gates ostensibly keeping trespassers out of the legendary site.

Upon entering the Colosseum, Vasily had free reign to both climb to the top of the monument as well as simple meander about admiring the ancient architecture.

While the stunt is admittedly admirable, it was not without its critics as viewers online decried Vasily's disregard for the historic location.

In response, the German responded by noting the atrocities which once took place at the sporting arena and saying that he does not care what critics say.

He may have a different perspective if authorities in Rome decide to pursue the brazen explorer as Egyptian officials did with a German teenager who scaled the Great Pyramid earlier this year.

Source: YouTube

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