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Watch: Cobra Charges Crowd During Snake Show

A fearsome cobra serving as the star of a snake show in Thailand let its role as leading reptile go too far when it 'broke script' and charged the crowd!

Captured on video, the unsettling incident begins innocently with a performer demonstrating his remarkable snake handling skills and fearless interaction with the creature.

However, when he pulls the snake by its tail towards the partition designed to keep the crowd safe, things get scary.

The deadly cobra suddenly maneuvers over the wall and begins heading directly towards audience members watching in horror.

Fortunately, the attempt at improvisation does not last too long as the handler quickly pulls the snake back before it can strike at any innocent bystanders.

Based on the snake's behavior, it appears that the creature has a lot in common with many aspiring actors in that what it really wants to do is direct.

Source: YouTube

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