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Watch: 'Coke Bottle' Robs Restaurant in Kentucky

The manager of a restaurant in Kentucky received quite the surprise on Monday morning when his establishment was robbed by a man dressed as a Coca Cola bottle.

Security footage from the Rally's restaurant in the city of Henderson shows the costume-clad ne'er-do-well forcing his way into the back of the building while brandishing a gun.

Fortunately, the manager of the restaurant was unharmed during the incident, although one would assume that he was quite frightened by the experience and, no doubt, rather confused by the criminal's odd attire.

As for the 'sinister soda,' himself, the crook managed to take around $500 before fleeing the scene in a gray minivan.

Authorities have released the footage of the robbery in the hopes that someone in the community may have come clues that can help solve the case of the cola caper.

Source: Fox News

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