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Watch: Colorado Woman Films Tornado Forming

A woman in Colorado found herself with a front row seat to the majesty of nature when she captured the formation of a tornado from an incredibly close distance.

Kali Michaels spotted the storm slowly forming while driving to her parents' house and quickly sped up so that she could arrive before the tornado touched the ground.

From the safety of their backyard, Michaels managed to capture an incredible perspective on the storm which shows an enormous, dark funnel cloud arcing downward across the sky.

Fortunately, since the tornado was heading away from their home, Michaels and her family were safe from the storm and, thus, were able to enjoy it in all its glory without fear of being caught in its crosshairs.

Nonetheless, the eerie nature of the event did not seem lost of Michaels as she mused, "I'm glad I got here when I did."

That may be the understatement of the year as a slight difference in timing could have left her stuck in the storm and thinking more about survival rather than sightseeing.

Source: Express

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