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Watch: Curious Couple Causes Mishap at Museum

A pair of inquisitive patrons at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Pennsylvania let their curiosity get the better of them and caused a priceless clock to crash to the floor!

Captured in security camera footage from the museum, the unnamed couple become drawn to an interesting timepiece created by artist James Borden.

Apparently unable to help themselves, they begin manipulating the pendulum of the clock to see it in action.

And then, in a moment where time likely seemed to stop for the duo, the clock suddenly becomes dislodged from the wall and crashes to the ground.

Reminiscent of a scene from Mr. Bean, the man attempts to save the clock and then clumsily tries to get it back on the wall where it once had been displayed.

Realizing that their attempt to conceal the clock's destruction is futile, the couple simply leave it leaning against the wall and make a hasty retreat from the scene of the 'crime.'

What became of the couple and the clock has not been revealed by the museum, which posted the video online with a wise observation.

"This is why we beg and plead with our visitors to please refrain from touching objects in museums," the organization said.

Should they still be deciding how to best handle the situation from here, we suggest they follow in the footsteps of the Beijing Glass Museum and make an example out of their unfortunate visitors who just couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

Source: Mirror

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