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Watch: Cyclops Goat Born in Middle East

A bizarre piece of footage showing a cyclops goat has gone viral online as thousands of mystified viewers found themselves marveling at the strange mutation.

The origins of the video are fairly mysterious, although it is believed to have been filmed somewhere in the Middle East.

Aside from that, viewers are left to imagine their own backstory as to how the one-eyed goat came into existence in the video which has now amassed nearly 100,000 views online.

Experts suggest that the likely reason for the animal's gruesome appearance is a genetic abnormality spawned by excessive inbreeding of the area's goat population.

Much like the source of the video, the fate of the cyclops goat is also a mystery, but we're guessing that it did not suffer for too long after filming the footage that earned it unwanted Internet fame.

Source: Mirror

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