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Watch: Dad's Haunted Doll Collection Spooks Family

A family in England have found their home invaded by some eerie new housemates thanks to their father's penchant for collecting haunted dolls!

Since last November, Barry Collingswood has been acquiring the creepy toys with remarkable dedication and, so far, owns more than 30 potentially possessed dolls.

As one can imagine, his wife and children are not too thrilled with the odd hobby, which they tried to thwart from the very beginning.

Collingswood recalls how, upon arriving home with his first haunted doll, his wife insisted that he get it out of the house.

When he went to throw the toy away, he claims, a gust of wind simultaneously whipped the plastic bag off of the doll and knocked him to the ground.

The fall was nearly fatal for Collingswood as he narrowly avoided hitting a pane of glass and concluded that the doll "must have sensed what I was doing and tried to kill me.”

Rather than deterring him from seeking out more haunted dolls and, if anything, seemingly compelled him to amass his current jaw-dropping collection, much to the chagrin of his family.

His teenage son plans to flee the home as soon as possible and move in with a friend because the overwhelming amount of dolls 'staring' at him has become too off-putting to endure.

Meanwhile, his daughter is more mystified by how Collingswood keeps finding the purportedly possessed figurines, marveling that her dad will often head out to the store for an errand and somehow wind up coming home with a new haunted doll.

According to Collingswood, the attempt on his life wasn't the only weird event which he attributes to the dolls as appliances have been known to turn off on their own and one doll even allegedly opens its eyes at will.

Whether these tales are truly the sign of a spirit attached to the dolls likely depends on whether one believes such a thing is possible.

That said, what may be undeniable is that Collingswood seems to have come up with a fool proof plan to ensure that his adult children move out of the house.

And when one looks at it from that perspective, his collection may not be so crazy after all.

Source: The Sun

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