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Watch: Daring Vlogger Films From Inside North Korea

An American YouTube star risked being at the center of an international incident when he visited North Korea and audaciously filmed some of his stay in the notoriously secretive country.

Known only as 'Vexxed,' the young man used a tourist visa to spend five days in North Korea last December.

The ill-advised adventure was fraught from the beginning as his camera and computer aroused the suspicion of officials at the airport in Pyongyang when he arrived.

Had they accused him of being a journalist sneaking into the country as a tourist, Vexxed would have been in a world of trouble and likely sitting in a prison somewhere in North Korea today.

However, luck smiled upon him and he managed to proceed on his tightly-controlled tour of the country where almost all of his interactions were overseen by an official North Korean 'guide.'

Despite the insane level of risk involved and the fact that he was surely being watched, Vexxed still opted to tempt fate by filming in a large public square in Pyongyang.

And, in a decision that defies all rational thinking, the he actually had a fellow tourist film him doing a handstand in the square.

This, of course, was frowned upon by his guide, who promptly told him that, contrary to what the music and laughing children around him might suggest, "this place is not for jumping or for fun."

The guide also claimed that "our people don't like handstanding," which sounds hard to believe.

Although Vexxed told the guide that he deleted the video, clearly it was a ruse since the footage appeared online this week.

According to him, there were a few other close calls with North Korean officials which could have turned perilous and he even considered taking refuge in the American embassy a few times when he thought things may go that way.

Fortunately, though, he was able to make it out of the country with both his video footage and an incredible story.

That said, he advised others not to try to pull off a similar stunt, which is a wise warning since no doubt North Korean officials will now be even more weary of anyone filming during a visit to their country.

Of course, it goes without saying that Vexxed won't be making a return trip to Pyongyang anytime soon either.

Source: 9news.com.au

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