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Watch: Dashcam Captures Ghostly Figure Sitting in Road

A driver cruising down an infamously haunted road in Kuala Lumpur was forced to seek an alternative route after encountering an eerie anomaly sitting in the street.

Captured on video via the car's dashcam, the tense moment unfolded as the vehicle turned a corner and the oddity appeared in the middle of the road.

The strange sight caused the driver to quickly hit the brakes and say to his friend, "okay ... that's a bit scary."

His passenger agreed with his assessment and the two men were rendered dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed.

Suggesting that the video may be genuine and not a clever hoax, the driver had a remarkably realistic reaction to the potential ghost: he simply put the car in reverse and quickly fled the area.

Since video of the incident was posted online, several viewers have shared their own paranormal experiences from the same stretch of road in Kuala Lumpur.

However other observers have suggested that the 'entity' may have been something more sinister than a spirit.

According to them, the 'ghost in the road' could have been a ruse by robbers waiting for the car to be stopped by the obstruction and, thus, left vulnerable to attack.

Should that be the case, it would appear to have backfired since the driver was so terrified that the car never made it far enough to fall victim to the miscreants' plan.

Source: Mirror

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