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Watch: Dashcam Captures Spooky 'Shadow Person' in Ireland

A strange piece of footage from Ireland appears to show some kind of 'shadow person' crossing a road and vanishing into thin air.

According to the website Armaghi, the video was submitted to them by one of their readers who claimed that the footage came from his grandmother's dash cam.

In the eerie scene, a person seemingly clad in 17th century clothing can be seen walking across a road in the Irish town of Armagh on a hill that has a long history of alleged ghostly activity.

When the mysterious individual gets to the other side of the street, he appears to blend into the wall which runs alongside the road and disappears from view.

The anonymous tipster who produced the video told the website that "my granny is still hyperventilating from the shock of seeing the ghost."

However some viewers contend that her fears may be unfounded and have suggested that the person simply walked through an opening in the wall rather than slipped into another dimension.

While that may be the case, it does not explain why the 'shadow person' was wearing such out of date garb, unless of course he was a tour guide at a historic site who was just heading out to grab some lunch.

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Source: Armaghi.com

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