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Watch: Demon Speaks Through Possessed Woman?

In a bizarre video of mysterious origin, a woman riding in an ambulance seems to be possessed by some kind of demonic spirit that speaks through her.

Very little is known about the footage, which was only recently posted online, aside from the fact that it was shot in a Spanish-speaking country and the woman at the center of the video is named Carmela.

Nonetheless, the scene is truly unnerving as a woman off screen attempts to communicate with Carmela only to be told by the patient, in an growling voice, "She is going to hell."

As Carmela rolls her head back and forth in an ominous fashion, she continues her demonic diatribe by saying "this girl doesn't exist now" and "my father is coming for her."

Whether these are truly utterances of a woman possessed or merely confused statements made by someone clearly in distress likely depends on one's own interpretation of the events.

What seems to be beyond debate, however, is that this was one ambulance ride that the EMTs will likely not soon forget.

Check out the video and let us know what you think has afflicted the unfortunate woman at our Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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