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Watch: Digger Removes Massive Turtle from Beach in Spain

When the enormous carcass of a leatherback turtle appeared on a beach in Spain, city officials were forced to go to dramatic lengths to remove the monstrous creature.

Believed to weigh a whopping 1,500 pounds, the gigantic beast was hoisted from the beach by way of a huge digger which was brought in for the unorthodox bit of heavy lifting.

In footage of the job, the six-foot-long reptile remains can be seen slowly being scooped up by the backhoe and dropped into a waiting truck.

Although such huge sea turtles are rarely seen in the area, this is actually the second dead leatherback turtle to wash ashore in Spain this month.

Whether this should be a worrisome development or simply a strange twist of fate likely depends on if the dead turtles continue to wash ashore.

Source: The Independent

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