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Watch: Drone Films Icy Lighthouse

In a sign that winter has truly arrived, a lighthouse at Lake Michigan has once again taken on the appearance of a fairy tale castle covered in ice.

The cool coating is caused by a combination of frigid temperatures, powerful winds, and freezing sea spray working together to create the wondrous wintry sight.

When the effect last happened in early 2014, images of the icy lighthouse went viral, with many in media immediately likening it to something from the movie Frozen.

Seeing that it had occurred again last week, a drone company managed to top the amazing photos from a few years ago via a breathtaking video looking at the frozen lighthouse from a whole new perspective.

The unique footage may be as close as someone can get to safely exploring the site unless they are foolhardy enough to venture there on foot and risk slipping into the icy waters of Lake Michigan.

Source: Washington Post

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