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Watch: Eel Spill Stops Traffic

Some unlucky motorists in Oregon wound up stuck in a rather sticky situation when a truck carrying tons of 'slime eels' spilled its contents all over the highway and their cars!

The bizarre incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when the driver of the truck narrowly avoided hitting a construction crew, but, in doing so, caused a chaotic chain reaction.

By avoiding the accident, the truck was jostled enough that the tanks containing the creatures tipped over and started spilling.

In total, a whopping 13 containers were upended, sending an astounding 7,500 pounds of hagfish, or 'slime eels,' out onto the road as well as unfortunate cars that were too close to the scene.

One witness who watched the event unfold described as almost mesmerizing with the containers toppling like dominoes with countless eels flowing from the truck.

Four cars were ultimately damaged in the crash with the lead car getting the worst of it as it was covered in slime from the creatures.

And, as authorities later mused, the accident also likely created another issue surrounding the tons of now-dead slime eels littering in the highway in that the carnage combined with the summer heat will almost certainly spawn quite the stench.

Source: KOIN

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