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Watch: Eerie Black Ring Filmed over Disneyland

Tourists visiting Disneyland in California were flummoxed when they spotted a strange black ring floating in the sky over the theme park's Magic Castle.

Although one might suspect that the anomaly is merely a smoke ring, Kyle Hawkins, who filmed the 'object' claims that it was a windy night that evening and, thus, that explanation seems impossible.

According to Hawkins, the presence of the ring in the sky mystified many onlookers who reacted with a mix of fear and confusion.

The fortuitous filmmaker marveled that the object was "the strangest thing I've ever seen."

UFO enthusiasts note that sightings of such odd rings are rare, but have happened in the past, and suggest that perhaps the anomalies are portals used by craft to enter or exit Earth's atmosphere.

Despite Hawkins' contention that the ring appeared during a windy night, skeptics will likely still dismiss the oddity as some kind of smoke coming from either pyrotechnics, a circular fire or one of the amusement park's rides.

Another prosaic possibility expressed by some skeptical viewers is that the ring is the product of insects flying in a swarm.

Check out the video and let us know what you think was hovering over the Magic Castle that night at our Facebook page.

Source: Express

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