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Watch: Elephant Drives Off Rhinos

A group of hungry rhinos in South Africa drew the ire of an ornery elephant who wasn't too keen on sharing its food.

The showdown between the beasts was captured on film by wildlife conservationist Suzanne Boswell in a drought-stricken area of the country.

As the otherwise-monstrous rhinos begin snacking on some scarce grass, their meal is soon interrupted by the enormous charging elephant.

Clearly laying claim to the food, the elephant first attempts to drive the rhinos away via sheer intimidation.

However their hunger apparently was great enough that the rhinos continue eating, which leads to the presumably outraged elephant throwing a stick at them with its trunk!

Eventually a tense face off takes place as the rhinos seem to slowly approach the elephant either to do battle or, perhaps, talk out their differences.

But the elephant is in no mood for either option and proceeds to whip dirt towards the crash of rhinos until the creatures retreat from the scene.

Source: YouTube

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