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Watch: Face of a Ghost Filmed in Haunted Tunnel?

While exploring a notoriously haunted series of tunnels in the UK, a paranormal investigator believes he may have filmed the face of a ghost!

Anthony Mark captured the eerie footage during an investigation of the subterranean system from WWII known as the Drakelow Tunnels.

During the visit, Mark became lost after being separated from his group but, like any good ghost hunter, he continued searching for spirits.

While wielding some kind of device said to allow communication with ghosts, Mark asked any potential apparitions if they are stuck in the tunnels.

From the machine comes the chilling response, "by you."

That alone may is rather creepy, but what happened next takes the case to a whole different level.

Seemingly emerging out of thin air is what appears to be an illuminated face right in front of the machine that Mark had been holding up in front of him.

As if often the case, Mark did not see the 'face' at the time, but spotted it later when he was going over footage from the investigation.

While skeptics will argue that the anomaly is merely another trick of light and shadow, the potential manifestation, coupled with the purported ghostly response which came through Mark's device, make this a particularly compelling case.

Check out the video and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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