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Watch: 'Fleet of UFOs' Filmed at the Moon

The massive supermoon event earlier this month has yielded yet another piece of footage that some UFO enthusiasts suspect may show numerous craft departing from the lunar surface.

In the odd video, several anomalous 'objects' of various sizes appear to be almost bursting from the horizon at the edge of the moon.

Although UFO researchers surmise that the weird 'event' is evidence for a fleet of alien or secret government spacecraft, astronomers have been quick to explain the anomalies.

According to numerous experts, the 'UFOs' are an optical illusion, known as a chromatic aberration, that has often been observed at the moon's edge.

Unfortunately for UFO advocates, the fact that the phenomenon is fairly well known in astronomical circles suggests that, indeed, this particular piece of footage was simply another case of the illusion at work.

As such, rather than being evidence for extraterrestrials, the video serves to show how amateur researchers can sometimes become fooled by astronomical anomalies that are commonplace to their professional counterparts.

That problem appears to have been compounded by the supermoon from a few days ago which spawned a number of strange and unusual 'UFO' videos from people attempting to film the event.

While it's entirely possible that there are ETs and UFOs lurking on the moon, one suspects that they would be smart enough to hide during a supermoon, since that's when everyone is going to be looking their way.

Source: Daily Mail

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